Seriously Annoyed

{January 9, 2011}   Stupid bitch!

I put my ‘best friend’ on ignore on FB because when she and her bf got back together, they’ve done nothing but post their cutsie bullshit trying-to-prove-we’re-in-love-again statuses all over and i want to puke. He’s a fucking douche and she’s a blind little cunt that I’d love to ¬†punch in the goddamn face. UGH!

How retarded does this sound?:

Sometimes two people need to fall apart to realize just how much they need to fall back together. Love and happiness returned to me at the end of last year and I don’t really need any extra incentive to make the most of it. Like all relationships, it’s going to take work, but we¬†learned the hard way that we don’t work well apart. I don’t think it will feel much like work this time around, as we are both so grateful to have each other:)

I can’t wait until they break up again and everything she says on her blog sounds completely stupid and I laugh at her behind her back… like I’m doing now. HAHA! Stupid Bitch!

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